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The must-have accessory this festival season

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Wanna know how to elevate your festival look? My funky printed sleeves are the answer!

Complete your festival outfits with printed sleeves. Whether you go for the fully coordinated look or pick and mix prints for a mismatched look you'll be sure to turn heads in this trending aesthetic.

Choose from 5 prints (going from top left):

Although sleeve separates have risen to popularity through festival fashion trends, they can also be incorporated into your going-out looks too. And you can style them under tees for casual outfits.

Made from spandex, they're super comfy and stretchy. Plus - unlike wearing a top with sleeves - they're removable if you get too hot on the dancefloor.

Did you know they're sustainable??

My sleeves are made from fabric offcuts which makes them a zero-waste product! So not only are they super cool but they're also helping the planet by preventing fabric from going into landfill! I never throw any fabric away as I am a passionate believer in being resourceful and making sure all the materials have. purpose. And as with all my products, they're made ethically in the UK. You can read about why I believe making in the UK is so important here.

You can find sleeves in my accessories section here, alongside all my zero-waste scrunchies, bucket hats, earrings and chokers. The only problem is how to choose your favourite when they're all so cute!

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