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New year, new decor!

Does your home need a lil spruce? I've got the colourful homewares you've been craving!

Here's 3 Maximalist Decor Ideas to easily transform any room into a fun palace - with just a blanket and a few cushions!

Maximalist Decor Idea No. 1 - MAKE IT TRIPPY AF!

My best-selling psychedelic Lava Love and Trippy prints bring the Y2K decor vibes in clashing tones and eye-melting prints guaranteed to transport you to funky town! Aren't these the most fun nooks you've ever seen? So colourful and cosy! Just add the Lava Love or Trippy Blanket and some Heart Cushions and your work is done! Perfect for cuddling up with your fave person on Valentine's Day. See the Valentines Edit here.

Maximalist Decor Idea No. 2 - RAINBOW IT UP!

A big hit with the girls the gays and the theys, the multicolour rainbow prints of the Rainbow Love Blanket and Cushion and Rainbow Heart Disco Ball Cushion scream Pride decor! Popping even one of these rainbow pieces in your room will instantly add joy! And then when it's summer you can even bring the Rainbow Love Blanket out for park picnics and beach days!

Maximalist Decor Idea No. 3 - FLORAL: BUT NOT AS YOU KNOW IT!

My Dopamine Daisy prints are all hand-drawn by myself, in graphic concentric shapes to catch your eye, giving you that instant dopamine hit! The inspiration came from traditional floral marbling techniques - reimagined through my hand-illustrated style in neon pastels, and printed onto fun new statement pieces, such as the Giant Acid Daisy Circle Cushion, and the Dopamine Daisy Circle Cushion in clashing orange and blue.

They certainly add a much-needed pop of fun to my current bedroom (painting those hideous green walls is top of the DIY list of things to do in 2024!) Even my sassy kitty Gertrude approves!

I hope I've given you some ideas on how you can make your space even more you! Remember: all my unique homewares pieces are printed and made in the UK, and so are zero-waste products with low greenhouse emissions that make fantastic colourful sustainable gifts.

Did you know... The homewares are made to order you can ask for any print in any cushion or blanket!? Just add your chosen product to cart and add a note with the name of the print you'd like at checkout and I'll do the rest! It's that easy! What a way to make a unique gift even more special!

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