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My bold colourful graphic prints can also be found in collaboration projects. Here are some of my favourites :)

collabs website copy.jpg
tara khorzad x delta of phoenix 1.jpg
tara khorzad x delta of phoenix 2.jpg
tara khorzad x delta of phoenix 3.jpg
tara khorzad x delta of phoenix 4.jpg
tara khorzad x delta of phoenix 6.jpg
6 copy.jpg

It was an absolute dream to work with Fran from Delta of Phoenix on this gorgeous capsule collection, combining my Wavy Baby print and Fran's beautiful silhouettes.

gosh girl x tara khorzad copy.jpg
TARA KHORZAD x gosh girl2.jpg
TARA KHORZAD x gosh girl1.jpg
TARA KHORZAD x gosh girl3.jpg

I loved collaborating with Amy from G.O.S.H Girl on this zero waste collection, using fabric offcuts from previous collections. 

jade clark.png
TARA KHORZAD x jade clark4.jpg
TARA KHORZAD x jade clark1.jpg
TARA KHORZAD x jade clark3.jpg
TARA KHORZAD x jade clark11.png
TARA KHORZAD x jade clark13.png

Jade Clark and I collaborated on 3 capsule swimwear collections as well as 3 Asos Exclusive festival collections.

 Work with me 

I love collaborating so much! I'm always looking for new ways to share my prints with the world.


Would you like to use my prints in a project? Or would you like me to work on a design for your brand? Feel free to contact me with your idea and I'll get back to you :)

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