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Let's make it fun, this Valentine's Day, shall we?

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

I've got the most LOVEly gifts: for the maximalists, the colour lovers - and the disco divas!

Nothing says, "I love you, you super fun, dance-floor hogging, groovy, colourful babe" like my Disco Ball Heart Throw Cushion! It's the cutest gift for your music-loving Valentine - or Galentine! (The poll on my IG stories revealed that 50% of you were more likely to celebrate Galentine's, so I hope you're spoiling your fave gal this time of year!)

When it comes to love, more is more - right?? I say the same when it comes to colourful decor!

My Rainbow Love Heart Cushion and Blanket make the perfect Valentine's gifts for colour-lovers. Your maximalist partner will love you forever if you get them these - trust me!!

If you're the maximalist in your life, then why not treat yourself?! You know you want to...

Why not say I love you with my "Other Half" Heart pillows?! They're guaranteed to make your other half feel the love! They come in black and white and pink and red - and you can even request one colourway on each side! If you want to make your gift even more personalised, you can even request your heart cushion to be in any colour from the rainbow :) just submit your request in the box at checkout!

Say hello to my new Lava Love pieces - inspired by my fave y2k decor: the lava lamp! Featuring my original Lava Love print, they make for unique Vantine's gifts that will look lavaly (!) all year round.

Heading out and need some inspiration for Valentine's outfits? These tops will have you feeling loved up!

Go for the matching bottoms for a maximum look of love!