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10 Sustainable & Fun Christmas Gifts

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Shop gifts that will make them smile (and won’t cost the Earth!)

Want to give amazing Christmas presents that also don't harm the planet? Here are 10 gift ideas for friends and family that are fun, affordable and sustainable! Win win WIN!

1. If they’ve been longing for new furniture, why not inspire them to upcycle instead? My blanket throws look great over sofas and chairs, and are so much more affordable (and better for the environment) than buying new furniture.

2. Treat the animal lover in your life using Action Aid's charity gifts. Someone living in poverty will receive the resources they need to care for the animals, and your pal will feel fab knowing the donation was made in their name.

3. A fab small gift idea that doesn’t cost a thing? Write out little cards of good deeds you’re going to do for them. It could be as simple as washing their car, or if you’re giving it to your partner you could spice things up and include some kinky stuff too!

4. Netflix, Disney+ or Hulu are all great gifts that are perfect for cosy nights in. Plus, no wrapping needed and no unnecessary waste going to landfill.

5. If you know they’re getting new tech for Christmas, help them keep it safe so it lasts longer. I’ve got fab, unique protective phone cases and laptop sleeves you won’t find anywhere else.

6. Can’t think of any gifts for your best friend? Grab an empty notepad and fill it with pictures of you both. Write down funny stories you’ve shared and ticket stubs from events you’ve been to. Warning - this one might make them well up!

7. Sign them up for a fun class and go with them! (So it's a gift for you too, yesssss!) It could be jewellery-making, cookery school, or even something more out there like pole dancing! It doesn't matter if you’re no good at the activity, you’ll make memories (which is the most important bit).

8. Gift them something - like a cutting from a plant you already have, or plant the seeds from fruit or veg you’ve eaten instead! You can even decorate the pot yourself to indulge your crafty side - oooh!

9. If you’re going home to visit family, why not whip up your fave cake and bring it back with you as a unique gift idea? It doesn’t have to be Bake Off standard, but the fact that you’ve taken the time to cook something will be appreciated.

10. Rather than giving them something they didn’t ask for, go for a gift voucher. I have £10 Gift cards available (perfect for secret santa gifts), as well as £20, £50 and £100 - depending on your budget.

I hope that's given you lots of inspiration for thoughtful presents for your loved ones!

Need more small gift ideas for friends? Shop the Gift Guide here.

I'm feeling all Christmassy now - let's stick on Mariah Carey! Woop woop!

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