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Fashion Muse: Kelly Rose

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

I had so much fun when Kellyrose (@kellysroses) visited my studio to model a high summer drop for #SS19. We made it a little adventure through my South East London hood, #Catford, where my design studio is located - and even jumped in front of a bus to get a London-tastic shot! (Don’t worry it wasn’t moving at the time!!)

This absolute megababe was such a joy to work with and a breeze to photograph, as you can see she just shines in front of the camera. I wanted to share a bit from our follow up chat with you all, because there’s always more to the model than the photos show. 

Enjoy! :-)

Tara xox

T: Thanks so much for chatting with me on the record :-) please introduce yourself for the readers 

K: My name is Kellyrose and I’m from New York! I’m an actress and I recently completed a Masters Degree at Goldsmith UoL. 

T: What hobbies fill your time (when you’re not #supermodeling for me!)? 

K: London has my heart but I love #traveling, and I’m a big fan of road trips. I also started doing stand-up #comedy this year!  

T: You have such fun colourful style - where do you get your #fashioninspiration

K: I’m inspired by so many things! My earliest fashion inspo that I can remember is seeing a picture of my grandmother wearing this amazing leopard print coat in the 1940’s, I just had to buy one just like it once I was a teenager. I’m inspired by my favorite singer of all time, David Bowie, and basically anything 1970’s. I love everything Fran Dresher ever wore in the 1990’s TV show The Nanny and my fav instagram fashion inspo - besides you ofc - are @ElizabethWhibley @georgettestef.wears @spacedoutmama and @marisolmuro

T: Some people find it hard to fit prints into everyday wear.. how do you style yours?

K: They say less is more but I’m not a big believer in that. I love big colorful earrings and all of my favorites go great with Tara’s prints! I’m never without sunglasses and my favorite pair are a blue cat-eyed pair that I always wear with my #catsuit! If I’m really trying to stand out I’ll wear my pink Irregular Choice flats. That combination has become my favorite outfit! 

Featured garms: Rainbow Heart Cycle Shorts / Cat Logo Crop Tee (coming soon)

T: Where is your fave place to wear #prints?

K: I wear prints everywhere! I actually have trouble when I get close to laundry day because sometimes there's just too many tops and bottoms that do NOT match one another in the slightest. When I’m not acting or auditioning I teach, and I find that my younger students love it when I wear bright prints. Kids are the most honest critics so when they tell you they like your outfit they really mean it! 

T: What was your first show/festival? 

K: When I was 18 I drove from New York to Tennessee with my BFF to go to the #BonnarooMusicFestival (a 17 hour drive AHH)! Elton John headlined at it was life changing. Since then I try to get to one #festival a year whether I’m in NY or the UK. For a few years I worked as a writer for #FarmAid, a #MusicFestival that benefits American farmers. It’s usually in a really rural place so while you want to dress for a festival you also have to dress for lots of mud! The first year I was backstage I ran into Kacey Musgraves who always nails her outfit and has major Dolly Parton glam vibes. 

T: If you had to choose, what’s your fave print in my collection? 

K: Tortoise definitely! All of the pieces are so cute and summery, plus the flamin hot tortoise #CropTop is so comfy and cute. 

T: You recently added one of my one-pieces to your wardrobe, was it for a special event? Where are you planning to wear it? 

K: I love my Rainbow Swirl #Catsuit, and I just couldn't wait for a special occasion to wear it! I’ve worn it under overalls to run errands and with a cute pair of jeans for a night out, but I love wearing it all on its own with some Docs and Jean Jacket. It’s such an easy way to look #glam all while slipping in to a comfy stretchy one piece!  

T: Thanks so much for being one of my printy muses and keep the up fun fashion vibes :-)

Check out the garms Kellyrose is sporting in these photos on my website. See more posts from her shoot here: @tara.khorzad.ldn and give her insta some love too @kelysroses!

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