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3 exciting new developments from the Tara Khorzad studio this year

We’ve already said goodbye to the first month of 2021, woop! I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down the days til the summer, when I’m hoping life will be a bit brighter. No matter what, I’ve some plans to make this year count with these 3 big changes for my brand >>>


I’m keeping it cute and comfy for 2021. Developing the loungey, more casual side of the brand in 2020 was so much fun, I love how the loungewear adds a fun pop to my everyday, casual style. My Zigzag Clash ¼ zip Fleece Top has to be my new fave piece. And there’s gonna be a whole lot more wearable joy coming in 2021! I’ve got some amazing printed co-ords coming for Spring, including printed joggers which I’m sooo excited about - I’ve been living in my samples, I can’t wait to show you them!

Me, Tara Khorzad, in my Zigzag Clash 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt


A lot of you have asked if there are plans to expand my size range (thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it). I’m so excited to say that, this year, I will be extending my size range in best-selling pieces to include UK sizes, 18, 20 and 22! It has taken a bit longer than I had hoped, but I wanted to make sure the fit was perfect - and now it is! The Flame Crop Bralet and Leggings will be the first styles to drop in these additional sizes. More styles (and hopefully more sizes) will be introduced later in the year. I wish I could launch all styles in all sizes overnight but unfortunately it just isn’t feasible for my brand at the moment. My long term goal for the brand is for it to be a fun and inclusive space for everyone, so please know that when you support this brand, that’s the dream you are supporting. I just have to take it one step at a time - join me for the journey!

Megbabe Ella @fatgirlfashioninspo looking amaze in the Flame print Set


Manufacturing in the UK is a huge part of what makes the production process sustainable (you can read more about why I choose to make in the UK here). As part of my plan to make the brand as environmentally-friendly as possible, I have been developing some very cool new products, which are made from sustainable materials.

Organic Cotton Tees

My lovvvvely embroidered cotton tees with neon lettuce hem details are made from the softest GOTS certified organic cotton. This certification means that the cotton farmers are paid fairly in good working conditions, the production process does not include any harmful chemicals or dyes and all of the dye waste is dealt with responsibly. Win, win, win!! As with all my garments they’re made in the UK by a small family run business in Leicester. My cute AND sustainable tees are launching on Tuesday 9th Feb, I can't wait to get them out into the world!!

The lovely Olive @nipsandslips in 1. Pastel Colour Block Yin Yang Tee, 2. Black Neon Yin Yang Tee, 3. Neon Cat Logo Tee

Bio-plastic Earrings

I’ve officially ditched acrylic plastic, which would take hundreds of years to biodegrade, and instead all my jewellery is now 3d printed from bio-plastic, meaning they’re 100% compostable AND completely zero-waste! Expect lots more cute and sustainable jewellery in 2021!

Bio-plastic Earrings, 1. Pixel Yin Yang, 2. Mix n Match, 3. Wiggle

Recycled polyester swimwear

I am also currently testing some polyester lycra which is made from recycled plastic for printed swimwear! I’m hoping to launch some beautiful eco fashion bikinis this summer (if Covid allows)!!

I hope 2021 is good to you! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some freedom and fun times this summer! Until then I’ll be bringing you wearable joy to lift your mood (and help you stop traffic along the way!)




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