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I started my brand in 2017 as a hobby, by launching a capsule collection of printed leggings. Over the years the brand has grown beyond my wildest dreams. It has been stocked by global e-commerce giant Asos, and has been showcased by global retailer Urban Outfitters as well as iconic italian brand, Fiorucci, at their London flagship stores.

I've also been lucky enough to have collaborated with some amazing independent brands, such as: Jade Clark, Delta of Phoenix and GOSH Girl. I’ve got some huge collabs coming up and big plans for the future! I hope you’ll join me for the trip!

I'm always excited to hear of new opportunities. If you'd like to have a chat with me about design collaborations, press features, stocking wholesale or borrowing for a shoot, please contact me here.

All my products are handmade ethically here in the UK. It’s something I’m really passionate about, as it reduces the carbon footprint of the brand. I love being able to support the local manufacturing industry. You can read more about my commitment to making in the UK here.

Follow me on the socials to keep up to date with all the behind-the-scenes from my London studio. Instagram and Tiktok are the best places to find me. Feel free to say hey and DM me any questions you might have and I'll answer as soon as I can :) 




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Hey, I'm Tara! Welcome to my printy world!!


As a print designer with a love of crazy, retro patterns and vibrant colours, I'm here to bring you the most printastic, dopamine-inducing products you've ever seen! I hope they will bring you joy every day. I'm on a mission to make the world a more fun and colourful place, and to inspire you to be your boldest! 


My designs are inspired by nostalgia, and I draw inspiration from of all the fun things I saw growing up as a kid in the 90s - including everything from cartoons, retro graphics and outfits I wore as a kid, which I reimagine through my signature graphic lens and saturated colour palette. All the prints in my shop are designed by me and are unique to my brand - you won’t see them anywhere else!


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