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Summer outfit inspiration from stylist and studio assistant: Holly Douglas

Heyyy everyone! My name’s Holly and I've been working as a Studio Assistant for Tara for 8 months now. I’m also a Freelance Stylist, so Tara has tasked me with the job of styling some of the new “DISCO REVENGE” collection, now full freedom is within touching distance here in the UK (yaaaaayy)! I’ve picked some of my fave pieces from the collection and will give you some alternate ways to style them for festivals, raves or just going out-out.

Starting off strong I've chosen the Lava Love Flares, as I'm literally obsessed with how vibrant they are. I would wear them with this amazing holographic halter top from Em’s the Label and some sparkly sleeves. For a festival, I would wear some chunky boots, or if I wanted to keep it casual it would be with some white and orange Nike Uptempos! To keep warm at the festival at night I’d wear this huge fluffy pink coat from Elsie and Fred, I feel like it ties in the whole pink look I've gone for.

Next up I’ve chosen the Cartoon Crochet Halter Top! With so many colours incorporated into the print there are so many ways to style it!

Today, I’m going to draw out the green from the print and style the top with a pair of these amazing holographic straight leg trousers/flares from DiverseDesign! I would personally wear this layered with a black fishnet top like this one, with a pair of chunky trainers like Buffalos or even just a pair of white trainers to keep it more casual. Then add a funky bag from GoshGirl, and some groovy colourful accessories, like Tara's Flower Power Earrings.

Lastly I’ve got two looks for you with the Acid Fish Bikini, with by far one of my favourite prints Tara has designed. It’s so multi-coloured, making it super versatile as you can pair it with a wide choice of colours.

Here I’ve got a festival outfit for you! I've focused on the black in the print, with a more grungy-type look by pairing the bikini top with a black tulle skirt. If you love shopping small like me, the queen of tulle for me is That's Sew Maisie! Maisie Taylor creates some incredible tulle garments so I just had to feature her. Alternatively, I found an amazing maxi tulle skirt from Lily Lulu if you wanted to cover up a bit more. I would then chuck on some chunky black boots, a black eyelet belt for added drama & then depending on how colourful you wanted to go either some pink fluffy earrings from Shop Trashy to bring a pop of colour, or some silver jewellery.

For a more beachy vibe, I would pair the bikini with a nice pink cover up - the colour matches the pink in the bikini perfectly! Covering up in styleee!!! Plus some pink chunky flip flops or chunky sandals and some funky sunglasses.

I hope that’s given you some inspo for your freedom ‘fits! Have an amazing summer!!


Holly xxx

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